Sourcing and Distributor

Local Network
  • Our partner companies in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Ethiopia are constantly working to expand our network of producers. We seek socially responsible and environmentally friendly producers.
  • We promote community supported agriculture (CSA) to connect producers with the market in the most direct way.
  • Our network of producers at origin guarantees compliance with volumes and conditions negotiated with our customers in the United States.
USA Distribution
  • Through distribution centers and local operators, products from our network of producers can be shipped by air, sea or land to any city in the United States.

Supply Chain Control

Control of Producers, Manufactrers
  • Our team in origin, qualify suppliers, implement sustainability certifications, conduct control audits and train in good practices and sustainability to all producers and manufacturers of our products.
  • We offer these services for other importers in the United States.
Anti-Drug Controls
  • We work on safety protocols and standards to avoid contamination of our shipments with non-permitted substances.
  • We permanently train our producers and manufacturers on the risk of cargo contamination.
Customs and cargo handling at the destination
  • Our team in the U.S. ensures that all import processes flow smoothly. Documentation, permits, weight control, declaration and payment of duties and other import processes at origin are efficiently handled by our teams.
Logistics in countries of Origins
  • Drupaa has teams of qualified personnel for all logistics and export tasks in the countries of origin.
  • We work to ensure that the entire documentation process and logistics coordination is carried out without errors and on time.
Cargo Monitoring
  • We use state-of-the-art technologies to monitor the packaging, consolidation, transportation, dispatch and reception of all our cargo.
  • We offer permanent tracking for our customers on our web application.